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Home of all Wester's Custom Performance Tunes

FACT: a customized ECU or PCM with our performance calibration is the CHEAPEST and usually the ONLY way to increase the performance level of your gasoline or diesel engine.

We've spent considerable time developing high mileage performance calibrations for your Chevrolet, GM, Ford, Dodge, and Import cars and trucks.

  • SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 1800 HP Dyno
  • Performance Chip Programming
  • ECU Performance Programming
  • EDGE SimuTech ECM / PCM Diagnostics
  • Performance Automotive Electronics
  • ECU Reverse Engineering via RaceLogic Emulator
  • Automotive Performance Milling / Lathe / Welding
  • Automotive PCM and Electronics Repairs
  • ASNU Electronic Injector Flow Bench
  • SUN 450 Diagnostic System
  • Electronic Cam Shaft Verification Bench
  • New SuperFlow SF600 Flow Bench - Electronic Valve Spring Analysis

Programmer Away: Aug 13-23, 2024

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