• SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 1800 HP Dyno
  • Performance Chip Programming
  • ECU Performance Programming
  • EDGE SimuTech ECM / PCM Diagnostics
  • Performance Automotive Electronics
  • ECU Reverse Engineering via RaceLogic Emulator
  • Automotive Performance Milling / Lathe / Welding
  • Automotive PCM and Electronics Repairs
  • ASNU Electronic Injector Flow Bench
  • SUN 450 Diagnostic System
  • Electronic Cam Shaft Verification Bench
  • New SuperFlow SF600 Flow Bench - Electronic Valve Spring Analysis

With our in-shop, in-floor SuperFlow AutoDyn 30 1800 HP Chassis Dyno, we can fine-tune for you over multiple test-runs.

Dyno tuning is only available during the warm months (April - September). Don't forget to fuel up! 


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From Domestics to Imports, Horsepower to Fuel Mileage, we can probably help you get the best performance out of your vehicle.

Getting it running the way it should right from the factory!

We can test your injectors on our ASNU Electronic Flow Bench.

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With EDGE SimuTech ECM / PCM Diagnostics, SUN 450 Diagnostics, and more scanning tools and software available, we can diagnose the issues you may have and find a solution for you.


Check out our Troubleshooting and FAQ Pages and if you have more questions, contact us!