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1999-2005 Delphi Multec II

4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 8.1 YOUR Injectors Flow Matched

  • When we receive your injectors, they're cleaned, flowed, and matched to within 1% factory tolerance with each other prior to reshipping.
  • Priced per injector




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It recently came to our attention that the injectors fitted to 2005 Ford 5.4L engines in the F-Series pick up trucks & Expedition SUVs, etc. have high "historical" failure rate (you only have to Google Ford 5.4L injector failure to see you much of an issue it is!)

Having recently diagnosed & serviced a set of these injectors made by Siemens Deka, we quickly discovered that this particular injector was manufactured without the traditional 10 micron filter screen inside!!

Two bent con rods in our injector history case.

P.W.I. have sourced filter screens for this application and they are available under ASNU part #201 (24 in a package) @ $1.98* each (*current price unknown at time of this publication).

Cheap insurance when servicing these troublesome injectors.

These injectors are also adjustable in terms of "Flow Rate" calibration. Please contact us for further details on the specification and detailed instructions on how to calibrate them if your test results vary by more than +/- 3%.


  • * For "Forum Gurus" who have nothing better to do other than misquote us, these sets are flow matched, and the pressure increase provides the proper flow rate. SCPI injectors work by unseating a preloaded ball and spring with high pressure. They work better as pressure increases. These injector sets require ECM reprogramming or you will damage your engine. Fuel pressure must be a minimum of 55 PSI or the poppets may not open--they DO NOT OPEN at 50 PSI. CPI injectors do NOT fail at high pressure, like regular rail type injectors do, or like the upgraded replacement set you can purchase from GM. *

Delphi Multech II - Your Injectors


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