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The "fit all" fan harness solution


Independent circuitry for Dual Fan selection, Two High Speed

Custom made for your application

  • Weatherpack construction with HD wiring

  • Dual 40 amp rated military spec relays

  • Direct battery power connection removes excessive loads from factory wiring, relays or fusible links

  • Improved voltage supply = improved air flow

  • All connections are crimped and sealed like an OEM connection -- not soldered to cause early vibration failure

  • Up to 12 feet of cable relays to ECU or switch control for custom applications

  • 6' cable from Relays to Fans

  • Supplied with aftermarket connectors for auxiliary fans

  • Requires ECM reprogramming when vehicle did not originally come with electric fans -- can be manually switched, or switched using a thermal switch in radiator

Proper GM programming will:

  • Run each fan individually. Can be programmed for Two fan or Single fan cooling. On and off temperatures of your choice

  • Run fans with ECM AC request signal -- not the clutch signal. Therefore the fan doesn't cycle on and off with the fan clutch, but uses the pressure signal from the AC system to correctly run the fan. OEM pins, nothing clipped to harness wiring, simple, reliable installation

FAN PRO-2 Dual Electric Fan Harness


    Programmer Away May 17th, Closed May 20th

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