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1997-2004 LS1 Corvette LS2-Style Cam Sensor Adapter Harness


This harness allows the cam sensor used on the front of an LS2 motor to be plugged into the LS1 cam sensor connector located at the back of the intake manifold. This harness is perfect for LS2 motor conversions. Compatible with the PCM harness in LS1 Corvette and F-Body cars.


Key Features:

  • Fully Plug and Play with the factory connector & sensor

  • High-quality TXL automotive wire

  • High-temperature (300F) Nylon loom remains flexible while not melting sitting on top of the motor

  • All connections crimped using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability

Install info is on second photo

LS2-CAM Sensor Adapter Harness


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